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Reliable Shield Prep and Removers
Reliable's Barrier Shield is a unique protective coating. It is very versatile and has many applications. When Barrier Shield is applied, it protects the equipment that is coated from contaminated environments and creates a moisture barrier. Barrier Shield cannot be pressure washed off, damaged by acid, paint, salt, sand blasting, concrete, or alkaline degreasers.

Reliable's Barrier Shield is a ideal for the rental industry. Barrier Shield will eliminate the costly expense of reconditioning equipment. Some type of refurbishment is usually required after it has been rented to someone in a contaminate environment like painters, plasters, sand blasters, or industries where salt and corrosion may be factors. This will no longer be necessary when you apply the Barrier Shield System. the application of Barrier Shield to new equipment will preserve your equipment, always keeping it looking new. The most popular application is to aerial lift equipment and scaffolding in addition to anything else you want to protect and preserve.

Application of Reliable's Barrier Shield System is very easy and economical. The Barrier Shield System consists of three easy steps. First, clean the equipment to be coated with Reliable's Barrier Shield Prep and Remover or Reliable's All Natural Citrus Prep and Remover. This is recommended prior to coating your equipment. These Barrier Shield Prep and Removers insure proper cleaning and surface bonding.

Next, simply coat your equipment with Reliable's Barrier Shield using an airless spray gun, by brushing or rolling, or by dipping. A coating two- to three-mils thick will provide you with an indefinite indoor protection or six months of protection outdoors in a severe atmosphere. A 40 foot aerial lift usually takes 1/2 gallon of Barrier Shield to coat. Allow 72 hours to dry, or less time in warmer climates.

Rent your equipment out. Most rental agencies charge a fee for applying Reliable's Barrier Shield to the equipment. It is justified to the renter by explaining that they will not be responsible for any extra charges associated with reconditioning the equipment. This serves three functions:
  • It protects your equipment, keeping your equipment looking new;
  • It avoids any controversies associated with reconditioning equipment;
  • It generates an additional sale for the application fee that is automatically charged for the coating; there are over 100 applications to a 40 foot lift in a 55 gallon drum.

When your equipment returns, remove the coating with Reliable's Barrier Shield Prep and Remover or Reliable's ALL NATURAL Citrus Prep and Remover. Barrier Shield Removers are specially formulated to remove the Barrier Shield coating as well as any dirt or grime on top of it. It will restore your equipment to its original condition prior to coating your equipment. Your equipment will be ready to reapply the Barrier Shield for the next customer.

Reliable's Barrier Shield is simple to apply and requires no maintenance. It's economical and protects your equipment in contaminated environments. Best of all, it eliminates any controversies with your customer and puts money in your pocket. That's why we say, "It pays to Spray it 'n Save it!"